Saturday, September 24, 2016

Goodbye Summer

Well Fall is officially here, and it definitely feels like it.  This week has been cool, rainy, and all-around gloomy.  I started the week out with some pancakes and fruit:

On Monday evening we had a quick dinner (deer sausage, potatoes, salad) before heading to the University to see David Suzuki give a lecture on climate change.

It was wonderful, and such a neat experience to see him live. 

On Tuesday evening we enjoyed king crab legs and corn on the cob.

And then on Wednesday we made chicken noodle soup, with a stock we had frozen a while back.

Breakfasts this week included a lot of fruit:

And oatmeal on the first day of this gloomy Fall:

On Thursday evening we BBQd burgers and potatoes for dinner.

This weekend we're staying in and having a themed weekend of cooking!  Check back tomorrow evening to see what we sorts of delicious dishes we cooked up.

What are you up to this weekend?
Is it gloomy and cool where you are?

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