Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend and Other Stuff

Last week we roasted a chicken, and ate the leftovers for a couple days.

We had many chicken sandwiches, but we also made poutine, with homemade fries of course.

Roasted chicken poutine is something special; you've got to try it!

On Friday we were heading out of town immediately after work.  Christopher made some chicken wraps with the last of the chicken, picked up a couple lattes, and then grabbed me from work, and we headed to Saskatoon.  We were in a bit of a hurry, as we were headed to see Garth Brooks in concert at 7:00 pm..  Neither of us are big country fans, but we do have a handful of country artists that we really enjoy, and as it turns out, we're seeing a few of them this year.  We made it to town in time to hop on a shuttle bus to the concert, get drinks, and get to our seats just before Garth came out.  We had awesome seats - 18th row!  It was a fantastic show, and we're really glad that we went.

By the time we got out of the concert venue and back to our hotel, it was probably 11:30 p.m..  We were pretty hungry, so we ordered a little pizza and some wings to our room for a late night snack.

On Saturday morning we had breakfast in our hotel, and our lovely server bought it for us!  She has done this before, and is just so sweet. 

After breakfast we went to see my mom, then ran out in the afternoon to get her groceries, and then went back to visit some more.  She was doing so well this visit, which was such a relief and so nice to see after our more difficult visit last time we were there.

We grabbed a very late Korean lunch (or very early dinner) and then headed back to the hotel for the evening. 

Later on Saturday night we ordered a peanut butter, pretzel cheesecake up to our room.

This dessert is our favourite; it's amazing.

We grabbed bagels and coffees on Sunday and then spent some more time with my mom, laughing, and reminiscing.

When we got back home on Sunday evening we cooked up some pork chops in a mushroom sauce for dinner.  We served them with rice and asparagus.

Dinner this evening is our favourite noodle dish ...

And I even whipped up a chocolate cake for dessert (because someone around here likes desserts).


How was your weekend?  What did you do?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad your mom was doing better on this visit! I imagine it's a bit easier to say goodbye at the end of the visit when you feel good about how she is doing.

We had a fun little weekend getaway to a lake resort in Wisconsin for a wedding. It was really nice to getaway and relax for a weekend. Plus it was really hot here so it was the perfect time to be by the water! We played lots of bean bag toss, went kayaking, had s'mores, and soaked up lots of fresh air! The wedding was really nice, too. I wasn't able to dance much as my mobility is still kind of crappy, so that was a bummer, but I still had fun!