Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

1)  We had a pretty laid back and relaxing weekend this past weekend.  We started Saturday morning with a late breakfast:

2)  We did just a little bit of work on the weekend, re-painting our metal railings and mailbox:

3)  On Saturday evening we made panko, coconut crusted fish, with portobello mushrooms, and potatoes:

4)  On Sunday Christopher made vegetable and bacon-loaded skillets for breakfast:

After breakfast we moved to the living room with our coffees and did some vacation planning!

5)  On Sunday evening Christopher's parents took the family out for dinner to The Diplomat to celebrate.  Christopher's mom retired recently, and we had a party with her friends, etc., but this was our family celebration

Christopher and I shared some stuffed mushrooms and escargot.  We then had caesar salad, and I ordered the stuffed chicken, while Christopher had the beef tartare.

What a wonderful meal, and a really nice get-together with family. 

6)  Breakfasts this week have both included avocado.  Yesterday I had avocado and balsamic spread on toast, with fruit on the side.

7)  Last night we had a very light dinner and I woke up pretty hungry today.  Breakfast was big:

8)  Our light dinner last night was this ...

We just shared a plate of raw veggies.  We love having that for dinner sometimes.

9)  We had a bit of dessert last night, as we whipped up an apple crisp

A perfect dessert for the week.

10)  This evening we BBQd corn and hamburgers for dinner. 

Mmmm, pickles hiding underneath ready to get all gooey with melted cheese.

How was your weekend?  What's going on in your world this week?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That's a good idea to put the pickles UNDER the cheese! I need to do that next time I have a cheese burger!

My weekend was great. It was pretty busy and I sort of overdid it on Saturday and had a lot of hip pain as a result. :( But other than that it was great. The weather was nice and hot on Sunday so it was the perfect day to work in my garden!

Hannah said...

Those are some lovely, luxurious meals! I wish my weekend looked half as relaxing... But there's always another opportunity to bring that to fruition just around the corner. Come on, Saturday!