Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

1)  Last week we got an Artixen pizza.  It's the best pizza in town, but it's hard to come by, as it can't be bought in a regular restaurant or store.  You have to be friends on FB with Xenofon Gargatzidis to get the details on how to score yourself the most scrumptious pizza!  We went last Thursday to pick up his weekly creation, and were not disappointed. 

We couldn't believe how heavy the pizza was.  We got it home and had a peek.  It was still piping hot.

The sourdough crust was incredible.  The sauce - the best we've ever had.  It was so flavourful, and super saucy, which I love.  Christopher doesn't normally like super saucy pizzas, but he said that was because none of the other pizzas had a sauce like this!  He said numerous times as we slowly ate, and savoured, how much he loved the sauce.  You could tell all the ingredients were very fresh, and carefully chosen.  It was evident that a lot of care went into this creation.

It was filling enough for us to have it for dinner and then lunch the next day (well, part of Christopher's lunch).

Xenofon is a master.  A pizza master.  And from what I can tell on Instagram, he's a master of all types of cuisine.    

We might have to try and make him our new best friend.

2)  The kind people at GoMacro sent me some macro bars free of charge to test out, and we were impressed.  I loved the ingredient list - all of them very recognizable.

They sent the following flavourssesame butter & dates, granola & coconut, apples & walnuts, peanut butter & chocolate chip, and sunflower butter & chocolate.  They are certified organic, vegan, non GMO, gluten free and macrobiotic.  These bars definitely hit the spot when we need something to hold us over for a couple of hours.  We'd buy them for sure! 

3)  On Sunday morning Christopher made lovely breakfast skillets

I'm thinking he might have to make these again this coming weekend!  There's nothing like a hearty, flavourful, leisurely breakfast on the weekends over coffee and visits.

4)  On Sunday evening I whipped up a batch of sausage, kale soup for our lunches, while Christopher prepared dinner.  This has become our Sunday evening routine, and we're always happy when we have yummy, warm lunches to look forward to on Monday and Tuesday.

5)  On Monday evening we roasted a big pan of veggies, and made a warm chicken salad

We topped a bit of raw greens with the roasted veggies and some sliced chicken.  We then drizzled a simple dressing over that (sesame seed balsamic vinegar, with olive oil, salt and pepper).

5)  We have loved the comedian Bo Burnham for a while now.  When my sister told us that he was coming to town, we were beyond excited!  Last night we went out for dinner with my sister and her boyfriend to Famoso.

I was a bit disappointed as it wasn't as good as what we had had in Edmonton and Saskatoon previously.  Our pizzas were soggy, and difficult to pick up.  I had to eat mine with a fork and knife #firstworldproblems.

After dinner we headed to see Bo Burnham live.  It was everything I expected and more.  So, so good!  I definitely hope to see him live again one day.  He's a comedic genius.

How is your week going so far?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am envious of the leisurely Sunday morning you had which included a yummy breakfast! The last week has been kind of chaotic as I traveled for fun and then that morphed into a business trip and I was gone for a full week. The travel all went well and we had a blast in Boston but I am kind of exhausted and really burned out on eating out so my goal is to not eat out at all between now and when I leave for my next business trip on Monday... What does he put in those skillets? It looks delicious and like something Phil and I would love!!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

@Lisa - It depends on the day. In that particular one he started with sweet potato (usually uses regular potato), and then topped that with assorted veggies, bacon, cheese and an egg, and some herbs/spices. He boils the potatoes first, and cooks the bacon most of the way through, then layers everything and puts it in the oven for a while :-)

MikeW said...

Those skillets look great. Bo was fantastic!