Monday, October 26, 2015

We've got Seoul - Korean Week!!

If we stink like kimchi, it's probably because we ate a litre of it last week.

I'm sure you've noticed ... we're part Korean.  Or at least we think we are.  We decided to do an entire week of Korean meals last week.  We started with beef bim bop:

And because I love it, we had bee bim bop again another day, but with imitation crab:

We made dak galbi:

And kimchi jigae with ramen:

If that wasn't enough for a week of good eats, we also had pork lettuce wraps:

And then ended the week off at Korea House with a bunch of pals.

We had a fun time at the restaurant on Friday evening, and then went out to do Karaoke.  We were home late, and slept in on Saturday.  Then on Saturday evening we went out on the town again (see last post) for tapas and jazz.  We have a lot more fun weekends coming up!

After a week of eating Korean food ... we just want more. 

Can't stop.  Won't stop. 



Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum that all looks delicious! In your last comment on my blog you said you were impressed by how much I read. Well I am impressed by how much you cook and the kind of things you cook! All of that food looks amazing. I can see why you aren't ready to move onto something new :)

Why am I here??? said...

Don't ever go to won't stop eating :) But for's about time you plan a trip there!