Monday, September 26, 2011

Whirlwind Vegas Weekend (Part 4)

Our weekend trip to Vegas about a week ago was definitely quick, yet relaxed.  We had limited time, but since it was our second trip to Vegas, we really enjoyed it and never felt rushed.  

We spent most of Sunday wandering around with our friends, enjoying a bevvie in an Irish pub and pondering where we should go for dinner.

We chose Sea Blue in the MGM Grand.  It was quite expensive, and pretty good.  The best part was the naan bread that they brought out to start.

The hubby and I ordered some exotic tempura mushrooms for an appetizer, and they were fabulous.

I ordered shrimp as my main dish, and we ordered a few sides to share at the table (the main dish is basically a protein, and the sides have to be purchased separately).

After dinner the hubby and I and a friend of ours went to my favourite place in Vegas - The Salute Lounge in The Palazzo Hotel to see the Dueling Pianos.  

We sat their for the entire evening, thoroughly entertained, wishing that it would never end.  
I even got one of the pianists to play/sing Lil Wayne's How to Love ;-)  

Our party of three definitely put the most requests up on the piano, and at the end of the night one of the performers thanked us for the awesome/wide variety of requests.

Most of our friends flew home Monday morning, but we were in Vegas until later in the afternoon.  We stopped at Emeril's Table 10 before heading to the airport.  The first time we ate at this restaurant (dinner on our 5 year wedding anniversary) the meal was one of the best I have ever eaten.  The lunch menu wasn't as fancy, and wasn't as good either.  

We shared some dumplings first, which were perfection ...

But the gumbo tasted (and looked) like it came from a can.  
It had absolutely no flavour.


I will definitely recommend Table 10 again, but only for dinner.  The lunch menu is very ... meh.

Have you ever eaten at a celebrity chef's restaurant? 
Are there any celebrity chef restaurants you are dying to try?

Thomas Keller's French Laundry is definitely on my bucket list.


Simply Life said...

naan bread?! Wow, I would just ask for about 3 baskets of that for dinner :)

Kacy said...

I've been to Emeril's in Vegas and Miami and another celeb chef I can't remember in Vegas as well. I think there may have been a few others, but I'm drawing a blank.
I love dueling piano bars!

LiveLoveNYC said...

all of that food looks incredible - especially the mac & cheese and the dumplings. some of my favorites!!

Anonymous said...

How awesome!! I've never eaten at a celebrity chef's restaurant but I think that would be a great experience!

Anonymous said...

I thought the mushrooms were cauliflower for a minute there! Loved reading through your Vegas posts. You guys are gorgeous too :)

Anonymous said...

Vegas looks like it was so much fun! Have never eaten at a celebrity chef's restaurant - that I can think of, anyway. But then, I'm not really a foodie :) Would love to check out a duelling piano bar! Everyone I know who's gone says it's a blast.

Madeline- Greens and Jeans said...

I don't think I have ever been to a celebrity chef's restaurant, but all of this food looks incredible!

Ameena said...

One of the few celebrity chef restaurant's that I've visited was Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill in Las Vegas. It didn't disappoint! It remains one of my favorite places. That and Bouchon in NYC.

I really want to visit Sea Blue now...if just for the naan bread!

Lisa said...

Top Chef Brian Malarkey has a few restaurants in San Diego, I ate at Burlap. It was such a scene! A lot of fun, great atmosphere, creative menu. Love reading about your weekend getaways!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Looks like an amazing weekend full of delicious eats! I would love to eat in Tom colicchio's restaurant. I have such a crush on him and think he is very talented. Also I would like to eat at Eric ripert's restaurant. I might have butchered his name, but I have seen him on top chef and would love to try his restaurant!!