Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whirlwind Vegas Weekend (Part 1)

Late last night we arrived home from a whirlwind, weekend trip to Las Vegas. 

On Saturday morning we woke up at 4:00 am to make it to the airport for our flight out.  

I ate sushi for breakfast:

We had a stop in Denver where I had a Pumpkin Smash Jamba Juice.  It tasted like a piece of pumpkin pie blended into smithereens.  It was good, but I could only drink about half of it before getting sick of it.

We landed in Vegas around noon and were in our beautiful hotel a short while later.  We stayed in the stunning Palazzo, and were extremely impressed with our room, the service and the hotel in general.  It is a AAA 5 diamond hotel and definitely lives up to the prestige.  No room in the hotel is smaller than 720 square feet!

Our bathroom had a private toilet room, double sinks, a vanity, separate shower and jet tub, a TV and lush robes.

The rest of the room was roomy and full of conveniences.

The view was pretty good too:

We went on this trip with about 18 friends.  Our two friends who arrived from California just happened to be staying across the hall from us.  We knew they were in the same hotel, but were shocked that out of 3068 rooms they ended up in the one across from us! 

Before heading out for separate bachelor and bachelorette parties, we went down to Bouchon Bakery for a bite to eat.  I opted for something savoury, enjoying the bruschetta.

I then got dressed and head out for a ladies night, complete with dinner at an Italian restaurant and dancing at Pure Nightclub.  My girlfriend Marian and I met up with our hubbies at the end of the night (early morning) and enjoyed a loooooong walk back to our hotel.

Have you ever had a whirlwind trip (flying somewhere for only a couple of nights)?
How was your weekend?  What was the highlight?


Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga said...

Love the trip recap! So glad you guys enjoyed it!

Thanks for sharing the pics.

Simply Life said...

Looks like such a fun time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Vegas is a blast. I first read this post late last night and that picture of your dinner made me hungryyyy. Very uncool, haha. Hope the rest of the week is just as fun!

Anonymous said...

Awesome recap! I'd love to visit Vegas one day!

Kacy said...

Vegas for me is never more than 3 nights, usually only 2. It's so exhausting that any more than that is overkill, haha.
I flew into DC for one night to interview before I moved here, it was crazy.
Your room was gorgeous!

Amber said...

Sounds fun!! I have been on a few whirlwind trips (my Minneapolis weekend being one) and Eric and I are going on a VERY quick trip to Orlando in November! It's super fun but can be exhausting for sure :)

Anonymous said...

i love weekend get aways...and I love that you went to BB. Damn that is a fancy hotel!! And I can't believe you were at my airport!!!

Unknown said...

Looks like an amazing time ! I soooo need to get back to Vegas!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow! That room looks amazing! I have never stayed in a super duper nice hotel like that. I don't thikn I would want to leave the room. ;)

I have done some very quick trips, the most recent one was a trip to Chicago in Dec - flew in Sat am, flew out Mon am. It was a whirlwind trip, but lots of fun and luckily the flight was short.

The highlight of my weekend was spending quality time with a blogger-turn-real-life-friend.

Allysia said...

So you guys basically lived like royalty for a weekend. :) That's awesome. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who eats sushi for breakfast! And when I fly back home, I'll be crossing through Denver too, so maybe I'll avoid the giant pumpkin drink!

Amanda said...

I felt like that about the pumpkin smoothie too. It's good but it gets old quick.

We love the Palazzo. Stayed there the last time we went. (I think? Can't remember but I know we've been.)

Unknown said...

That hotel looks amazing!!! I don't think I have ever gone anywhere by plane for a weekend away....it is an intriguing idea!