Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cinnamon Bun Oats

Cinnamon buns are one of my favourite sweets, so the other day I turned them into oatmeal.

Cinnamon Bun Oats

1/4 cup quick oats
1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze (or milk)
1 T almond butter
1 tsp cinnamon
1 T brown sugar
1 T golden raisins (optional)

Bring the Almond Breeze to a boil.  Add the oats and boil 1 minute.  Remove from heat, cover and let sit for a couple minutes.  Stir in the almond butter and top with the other ingredients.

Other breakfasts this week have included eggs and toast, and smoothies with 1/2 banana, Amazing Grass, vanilla, cocoa, and Almond Breeze.

Now that I am back to work I have been packing a lunch.  Lately it has included a sandwich, clementine and a cheese string. Boring, but it does the trick.  Luckily I don't have to worry about packing a lunch for tomorrow.  My colleagues and I always go out for lunch on Fridays.

The last couple days we have had fresh dinners that I am hooked on - Cobb Salad and a Hippie Bowl.

You can find my recipe for the Hippie Bowl here.  It is SO good!

Do you pack a lunch for work?  What do you take?  
Do you ever buy your lunch at a restaurant during the work week?


Simply Life said...

I pack my lunch everyday! Usually a salad, fruit, and granola bar.

Those oats look delicious!

Anonymous said...

with the rules change I can't pack a real lunch. It sucks. I've been eating packaged foods and apples. :(

Anonymous said...

Those cinnamon bun oats look amazing! It just reminded me that I haven't cooked mine in coffee for far too long... you always have such good oat ideas.

I pack a lunch everyday, but it's usually something easy like a smoothie and a Clif bar. I think it's cause I walk to work so often and I hate carrying a heavy bag!

Allysia said...

Mmm, that oatmeal looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I pack my lunch every day. Usually it's a salad and a yogurt or a fruit. Boring, I know!

Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga said...

100% lunch packers not buyers when we're out...for me, Scott, Skylar...packing our lunches & not buying is the way we do it, for sure!

lauri ( said...

I use to pack my lunch EVERY day (usually leftovers), but now that I have a little 'butter bean' growing inside of me, I just don;t have the energy to cook dinner as much! I did cook the last 2 nights, which I am really proud of!!

I don;t like 'sandwiches and salads', too boring for me. I prefer to take leftovers instead!!

Man, I would LOVE some runny eggs!! Gotta be cooked all the way through for butter bean though :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your car. That really sucks :(

I have been doing a terrible job bringing lunches. I ended up relying on my stash of low sodium V8, Larabars, and almonds last week. This week I'm planning on bringing leftovers.

Kacy said...

I try to pack my lunches, but I didn't have anything to pack today. I usually pack leftovers or something easy from Trader Joe's.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I try to bring my lunch 4 out of 5 days. I have done so so on this lately because I usually rely on having leftovers to bring, but when I am not home on the weekends, I have no leftovers! So todya I brought a salad and warmed up a can of soup (boring!). I used to make baked potatoes quite a bit and might go back to that as they were healthy and filling.

Unknown said...

I am trying to pack my lunch too...much healthier than eating on the fly at a fact food joint!

That hippie bowl looks really good....I must try it soon!