Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I used the black beans I made yesterday in an awesome chili for this evenings supper. 
It was a perfect Cinco De Mayo dinner.

Chili recipe (using the pot of black beans)


Other eats of the day included some oats, sushi, and a grapefruit.

Yesterday was my first time cooking with dried beans, believe it or not!  
I had always used the canned ones before this, and was intimidated by dried beans.

Have you ever cooked with dried beans, or do you stick to canned?


Kacy said...

I think dried beans taste so much better than canned, but I'm usually too lazy to cook them.
The chili looks great!

Anonymous said...

I stick to canned for convenience. Your New York trip looks like it was AMAZING!

DessertForTwo said...

Hi Jolene!
I always use dry beans. When I'm in a rush, I use beans that don't need to be soaked, like black eyed peas, mung beans, yellow split peas, and all types of lentils. For a real treat though, I start soaking chickpeas on Monday, drain 'em and let 'em sprout in the fridge for a day or two, then steam them. I usually use them to make veggie burgers from 101cookbooks.

Have you heard of Rancho Gordo beans? They grow and sell all sorts of wonderful dried beans. They deliver, too!

Happy Friday :)

Vanessa said...

I've cooked with dried black beans once, and they tasted great. But I typically go for the cans, as long as I rinse off all that sodium!

Anonymous said...

I've always just used canned myself! Love Pinto beans personally - they're big and good :)

I should dry the dried sometime...I get intimidated! But I guess if you just soak them overnight or whatever, it'll work...looks great!

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

YAY for dried beans!!

they are easier than they seem hey? And pretty tasty too!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I made a red beans & rice dish using dried beans last year and it turned out great! It's pretty easy to do, assuming you have time to let them cook!!

Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic said...

I'm still using canned beans, but one day I'll make my way to dried! The chili looks good - I love chili and I'm always looking for new recipes!

Emily said...

Oooh the chili looks good! I have cooked beans before, but not a whole lot. I've made garbanzo, cranberry and navy beans before.