Monday, September 30, 2019

The Weekend

My weekend was quiet and cozy

This was the view outside our kitchen window most of it:


Fortunately, the driving wasn't too bad today, and there isn't much of the white stuff left.

Christopher made a big batch of chicken stock on Sunday, and now we have chicken soup for our lunches this week.

Since we're taking a break from our usual weekend breakfasts, we tried a couple new things.  While in Thailand we had some amazing little coconut pancake bites that were so addictive.  When we got home we ordered an appliance to make them ourselves.  We tried one recipe, but they were terrible! So salty!!  Blech!

We'll be giving them another shot soon, as we think we found a more accurate recipe.

Another breakfast was miso soup with seaweed and fruit:

I currently have some bread dough rising, and the oven is warming up, so I'll have a fresh loaf to enjoy for breakfast for the rest of the week.

We did some other cooking on the weekend, including chorizo fried rice:

And green curry with Thai sticky rice on the side for dipping:

I whipped up a cheesecake and Saskatoon berry sauce for the top.

We both love cheesecake!

As much as we dreaded the winter storm, it did make our weekend feel extra cozy.  We got a lot of sleep, read, cooked, baked, watched interesting shows (we can't get enough of docuseries), and felt rejuvenated for the start of the week.

How was your weekend?
Do you like cheesecake?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh, snow!! It's too soon for that! I'm glad it's melting. We had nice weather on Saturday - it was a bit nippy but a nice, sunny day. Sunday was really rainy and then we had this weird day of HOT humid weather yesterday. Now we are back to chilly/rainy weather. I think it will rain most of this week but I guess that is better than snow! Hopefully it clears up by the weekend because rainy weekends are the worst with a toddler. The more we can be outside, the better!

We had a nice weekend, though. We had a lot of leftovers to work through so I didn't cook anything until Sunday night when I made chipotle chicken in the instant pot for tacos. Tonight I'm making wild rice soup in the instant pot - it def feels like soup weather this week!