Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Weekend of Southern Comfort Food

We spent the entire weekend at home, and ate nothing but Southern comfort food.  When we were planning our weekend menu, our wheels would not stop turning.  We ended up making a bunch of delicious dishes we'd never made before, and a some old standbys.  We got started on Friday evening after hitting the grocery store.

First up was chicken-fried steak, with mashed potatoes and red-eye gravy.  We had roasted okra on the side.

This was our first time cooking both chicken-fried steak and okra, and both turned out really well.  Okra is delicious!

On Saturday morning we were up bright and early.  We made buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast.

Our friends Jessie and Chris gave us a bunch of tomatoes recently, and we used some of the green ones to make an afternoon snack of fried green tomatoes.

They were tasty dipped in the Cajun sauce that Christopher threw together.

Dinner on Saturday evening was chili with toppings, and some cornbread that we had made earlier in the day.

We froze the leftover chili and half of the cornbread to have for our lunches later this week.

This morning's breakfast was shrimp with cheesy grits.

That hearty breakfast kept us full for the whole day.  This evening we made big dinner so we'd have a meal for tonight and lunches for Monday/ Tuesday.  We had fried chicken, mac and cheese, baked beans, bacon-bourbon coleslaw, and cornbread.

#mealprepsunday Hahaha!

And if that wasn't enough food and cooking for one weekend, we also made bananas foster for dessert.

Believe it or not, we didn't just get fat cook and eat all weekend.  We also managed to sneak in three or four movies, hours of reading, and a whole lot of relaxing

How was your weekend?  What did you do?  
Did you have any comfort food this weekend?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, that's a lot of food! Yum! It will be great to have delicious leftovers to enjoy this week, though! I spent Fri through Sat afternoon in Chicago. I was there for work so I went out to my brother's on Friday night to see my niece and nephew. I got back around 5 pm on Saturday and made a thai curry dish for dinner which was total comfort food. Sunday I was busy with church and errands and such in the morning. Phil made us a late breakfast of eggs and hash browns topped with a shredded pork tamale, which was soo good! In the evening I roasted a spaghetti squash and had some with homemade marinara and chicken andouille sausage which was another comforting meal!

Amber said...

Omigosh that fried chicken, mac & cheese and beans meal has my MOUTH WATERING. Looks so so amazing!! I am texting Eric right now to say we need to make that soon. ha ha