Monday, January 11, 2016

Family Dinner

On Sunday evening we went to Christopher's parents' house for dinner.  We started out visiting in the basement, with some yummy snacks.


Later on we moved upstairs, where we listened to oldies, and enjoyed leek potato soup with fresh bread


Then we feasted on Peking duck that Christopher's dad had spent a couple of days making.

He's not only handsome, he's also very talented! 

The duck was served with an orange sauce, and we also had an Asian rice, curried spring rollscarrots with lemon, thyme, etc., and chicken wings.  Everything was so good!

This was my tasty plateful ...

We barely had room for dessert after all these dishes, but we squeezed in a couple of cheesecake bites.

What a meal!  We visited in the basement a bit more before heading home.  It was a wonderful evening; we always have so much fun with Christopher's parents. 

Do you have family dinners often?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, that meal looks amazing. Especially the carrots! I love roasted carrots! I should make them more often as they are so good and so easy to make. I love that you guys are so close to your families.

Since my parents live about 3 hours away, I do not get to have family meals with them often but I always enjoy the meals my mom cooks when I am home for the weekend. Phil's mom is local so Phil goes out there every Sunday to help her out with the 'honey do' list that she comes up with. I don't join him all that often, though, as Sundays tend to me my day when I schedule phone calls or do meal prep for the week but in 2016 I want to try to go out there for dinner on a monthly basis. I just sent her and email to see if I could come out and cook dinner for her one Sunday this month. I need to redeem myself after the last meal I made as it was waaaaaay too spicy for her. Whoopsies. She still really enjoyed it when I cooked for her but I need to show her that not everything I make is super spicy. ;) She pretty much told everyone in the neighborhood that I was coming over to make dinner last time I did that so I know it's something she really appreciates!

Alli said...

Why did I read this just before lunch? My mouth is watering. I like going to my parents house in the summer because my mom puts everything on the grill (grilled caesar salad - yum!), but my favorite is going there for the Jewish holidays when my mom cooks all of my favorite things.