Sunday, November 18, 2012

Concert Weekend

I was craving Canadian style, greasy Chinese food last week, and finally enjoyed some with some work pals on Friday at lunch.  

I was beyond stuffed for the rest of the day, so I didn't eat much dinner.  We cooked up some potatoes in duck fat as part of dinner on Friday.  They were crisp and delicious.  We'll definitely be saving the duck fat next time we make duck.


I ate a bit before we headed out for the night to see Metric in concert!

Saturday morning we were up early.  After heading to Mr. Breakfast for a bite to eat, we were off to Winnipeg for yet another concert.  We arrived in Winnipeg around 3:00, but spent two hours in traffic trying to get to the hotel.  All the streets leading to the hotel were closed for an evening Santa Claus parade.  Who has parades in the evening!?  Needless to say we were frustrated and annoyed, and thirsty ;-)

We didn't have time to eat before heading to see Gwar.  

When the show ended we were covered in Gwar "blood" (one of us more than the other), and hungggggry!


Before heading home today we stopped at one of my favourite chain restaurants, Swiss Chalet.  

I don't care that it's mostly senior citizens that frequent this restaurant.
I love it!

Do you like Swiss Chalet?  What did you do this weekend?  What was the last concert you went to?


h said...

Oh man, I love Metric, although I've never seen them in concert. I think the last concert I went to was Martin Sexton. He's always entertaining.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I have never heard of or been to Swiss Chalet! This weekend I was home for a change, which was awesome. I got lots done around my house, had a date night (we had Thai), and took my nephews out to our favorite bookstore & then for ice cream. It was an awesome weekend!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I tend to like those older type places too, I would much an older crowd than a younger crowd when I am dining.

Kacy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I've never heard of Swiss Chalet, but your meal looked great. I think the last concert I went to was My Morning Jacket. I go to a ton of shows in the summer, but not as many once it gets cold.

Anonymous said...

I love concerts - they are so much fun! I think the last one I went to was Elton John. I kinda love him!

Allysia said...

How was Metric?? And I know of Gwar but have very little interest in seeing them play... :) And I have absolutely no memory of Swiss Chalet, but those fries look really good!

sophia said...

I wonder how it's different from American-style Chinese food? :)