Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Recent Eats

Mid-week already!  Looking back a couple of days, we had a great weekend.  For breakfast on Saturday we had bagels with smoked salmon, cream cheese, thinly sliced red onion, and capers.  This is one of our new favourite breakfasts.

It kept us pretty full until dinner when we made chicken, bacon pizza.  Other toppings included carbonara sauce, tonnes of black olives, red onion, and cheese.

A reader asked about our pizza dough recently.  Most of the time we just pick up the frozen, organic dough from KOKO in town.  It has a really short ingredient list and it turns out perfectly every time.  It takes a bit of thaw time, but then it's super easy to roll out, and it tastes great.

After our pizza we headed out on the town, as Christopher's band Lunar Lander Dance Commander was playing a show at Shannon's, an Irish pub.  A bunch of our pals came out and we had a fun evening, getting home pretty late (when we then finished off the pizza). 

For breakfast on Sunday I whipped up a veggie quiche, which I served up with some bacon on the side.

On Sunday evening we made a smoked pork shoulder, scalloped potatoes, and peas.

We ate the leftovers on Monday and Tuesday, and tonight we're having salmon, roasted beets, and salad.
How was your weekend?  What have you been cooking lately?

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yum, that food all looks good! Glad you had a fun night out with friends. I know you had said that doesn't happen often now that your friends have kids - but it makes those nights when you do get together even more exciting and special!

Last weekend was quieter for us which was nice! I made 2 new recipes - a black bean soup on Friday and crock pot chicken tikka masala on Saturday. This week has been busy as I had lots of wedding to dos and I'm preparing to host my SIL this weekend. She's coming to help with wedding projects and my mom and other SIL will be here, too. So I have been in the kitchen for the last couple of hours getting ready as I'm making 2 brunches (an egg bake and sweet potato hash) and lunch on Saturday (salads with lots of different toppings). Plus lots of fruits and veggies for snacking! And I just made a batch of banana oat blueberry muffins. They are GF as the oats serve as the flour but they are really good!