Friday, February 24, 2012

When it Comes to Food ...

What the husband wants, the husband gets ... eventually.

He is fully capable of cooking/baking himself, and is very good at it, but I do it most of the time.  He does the dishes, and I love cooking, so I figure it is a good trade!

He has been asking me for coffee cake since the beginning of December.  He finally got it this week :-)


I used this recipe for the coffee cake.  The only thing I would change would be to use brown sugar for the topping instead of white.  

I am usually much better at getting around to cooking things than baking them.  The hubby asked if we could have meatloaf for dinner this week, and we did.

Now, I just have to get around to making saag paneer that he has only been asking for for a year.  Ooops.

How do you decide what you will cook/bake?  Does anyone in your life (significant other, kid, friend) ask you to cook or bake particular things?


Joss said...

mmm I love meatloaf (my moms to be exact) has this crispy topping on it that is to die for!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I live alone, so make all the food making decisions. I try to plan out on Thur/Fri what I will make that weekend by perusing blogs usually. I only cook on the weekends, during the week I only give myself 20 minutes to eat before studying, so I live off of leftovers and things like baked potatoes! This weekend i am making a lentil soup in the crock pot on Sunday and possibly a cajun pasta dish if I don't go to my brother's for dinner tonight.

Yum, meat loaf! I have a recipe for a turkey quinoa one sitting on my desk at work that I need to make one of these days!

Kacy said...

Mmm. I love paneer! Let me know what recipe you use!

Anonymous said...

Jesus. you are such a good wife. That coffee cake looks so fluffy...I think Glenn wants LOTS of things (other than cooking) but I always say no. hahaha