Tuesday, August 3, 2010



hile in Calgary, I was introduced to a Chocolate shop unlike any other I have ever been in.

Choklat is the only chocolate company in Western Canada that is involved in all processes of chocolate making from the fermentation process to roasting. They are "... one of just 4 chocolatiers in the entire world to make chocolate from Porcelana Cacau the rarest cocoa bean in the world." Any other chocolate company that you can think of in Western Canada does not actually "make" the chocolate that they use in their products. Even my favourite, Bernard Callebaut does not make his own chocolate. I still LOVE him though.

When you walk into Choklat the smell is intoxicating. It is a tiny store, with all the equipment needed to turn top quality cacao beans into chocolate. They use only the freshest of ingredients, no preservatives, and no artificial flavours. All their truffles are made fresh to order, and you can choose exactly what you want.

On Saturday I shared a single brownie with some friends, and it was like crack. I needed more! This morning the hubby and I stopped to order some truffles, as well as a couple of brownies.

I got 3 milk chocolate buttercream truffles, dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in toasted coconut, as well as 3 dark chocolate buttercream truffles, dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in toasted hazelnuts. They made each truffle in front of me, then wrapped them in different wrap according to the type of truffle and packaged them in a pretty little box (all at no extra charge).

I ate 1.5 truffles today.

That wasn't the only chocolate I had today!

I had chocolate milk this morning for the first time in many years (shared a small glass bottle with the hubby). We ate breakfast at a really cool grocery store called Sunterra (stay tuned tomorrow to see the foodie items I purchased from this store). I ordered a breakfast bagel with fruit, but they accidentally gave me hash browns instead. It was way too much food.

I nibbled for a while, but ended up leaving all of this on my plate:

Secretly I was leaving room for more chocolate.

We left Calgary around noon to head back home. We stopped in a small town for dinner at Boston Pizza. I had a perogie stromboli, and a spinach salad. I ate most of it.


Half of the best brownie in the world. I let hubby have the other half. There is still one left, and I will fight him for it.

We are now back home in Regina,
but we have a reason to go back to Calgary very soon ...

Choklat also sells cupcakes.

What is your favourite chocolate?

I am a sucker for Bernard Callebaut, but unfortunately Bernard doesn't make brownies, so Choklat will fill that void for me.

Also, that "Callebaut" chocolate that you see in grocery stores around Canada is in NO WAY related to Bernard Callebaut. Bernard has been going to great lengths to avoid association with the bulk bin baking chocolate using the "Callebaut" name. Just a heads up!


Averie @ Averie Cooks said...

omg that looks so rich and decadent..love it! my fave choc is sees candies, made in CA and sold here and online but sooo good!

Anonymous said...

call me a brit cause I LOVE ME SOME CADBURY...seriously..I think it's creamier than Godiva

Heather said...

Oh, wow - amazing! I love that they made the truffles right in front of you - super cool.
My most favorite chocolate is Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt. TO DIE FOR.

Unknown said...

That brownie looks heavenly!

I love anything dark, organic and fairly traded... but that's just me ;)

Hope you have a remarkable day.
love love love,

Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman said...

This was the wrong post to read at 9:50 am. My chocolate craving has kicked in so early this morning! I really love all chocolate. Sure, I like boutique chocolate better than Hershey's but when a craving hits I'll take what I can get. That brownie does look amazing.

Kat said...

Oh heck yes for chocolate!! I will eat chocolate anything. I love super fudgy brownies, or really good cake and frosting. I also love chocolate pie. Hence why I try not to have it in the house! lol It wont last very long around me!!

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

I've never heard about that place!! It sounds amazing!!

I love Sunterrra too, I used to shop there all the time when I lived in Calgary, there are a few around the city!!

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said...

I love the smell of candy shops! It definitely is intoxicating! I am not a huge fan of chocolate, but I am coming around to it...slowly, but surely.

Madeline - Greens and Jeans said...

The choklat packaging is SO cute!

Anonymous said...

The chocolate looks yummy! I love any and all chocolate!

Devan said...

i just droooled
that truffle looks the bomb!

Kacy said...

This was seriously food porn at it's finest. I. Love. Chocolate.


Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

I'm actually not a big fan of chocolate, but would like to try a high-end place like that for fun.

:Deliciously Healthy said...

Mmm...Sounds like my kind of place!

Amber said...

OMG! I wish I'd known about that place last time I was in Calgary! I missed out!

The Fajdich Times said...

That box of chocolates looks wonderful. My favorite is Fannie May Chocolates:)

Yelena said...

Yum! That chocolate looks delicious. I'm such a huge chocolate fan.

I have a special place in my heart for Ghirardeli chocolate since we got married right next to the old factory in San Francisco. I also have to go with our local See's as well.

Kelsey Ann said...

Choklat, i love you! oh my oh my what heaven to be able to experience a place like this! wow and it looks like their chocolate is both dense and moist which is fabulous!

Angela (the diet book junkie) said...

i can't believe i lived in calgary for 3 years and never had Choklat! is it new or was i just livin' under a rock?

my go-to treat is Lindt Chilli Chocolate, although the best brownies EVER is at Guylian Chocolate Cafe in Sydney (yes, THEE Guylian chocolate.) when we leave here i'm SO gonna miss it, but at least i'll have Choklat to come home to! :)