Thursday, March 4, 2010

You Know You are a Food Blogger When ...


ood comes in the mail.

You know you are a food blogger when ... you squeal with delight in the grocery store when you FINALLY find a product you have been wanting to try SO bad ever since you saw it on another food blog.

A new organic grocery store opened up in my city, and the hubby and I went for the first time tonight. I. Am. In. Love. Look what I found!!!!!

I have been wanting to try all three of those products FOREVER. I was actually planning on buying the flavoured Peanut Butter in New York and shipping it home, or trying to fit it in my extra suitcase that I can already predict will be overflowing with foodie items. And shoes. I had my speech prepared ... "No Chris, you cannot buy that shirt. We only have room for peanut butter."

I am so excited to try all of these products over the next couple days!

Last night I had a grapefruit:

Breakfast today was a glo-bar and coffee:

(I love my sleep. Some days I chose sleep over eating a proper breakfast).

Mid-morning I had a tiny cinnamon bun twist thing that someone at work made.

Lunch was a chicken and cheese burrito from Costco. These things are SO good!

I also had some source vanilla yogurt with mixed berries on top:

You know you are a food blogger when ... you have to stop at home to get your camera before going out for dinner.

The hubby and I went to 13th Avenue Coffee House for dinner tonight. It is a fresh, mostly vegetarian, and often organic restaurant. I had the Marrakesh stew (curried chickpeas, sweet potato, and other veggies, on top of short grain brown rice). It was wonderful.

As delicious as this dinner was, it wasn't very filling (probably because it lacked protein). Later on this evening I made a nutrient rich smoothie with 3/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, 2 packs chocolate amazing grass, and 1 scoop Navitas Naturals protein rich SuperFood Blend, and half a frozen banana.

I also couldn't resist a chunk of goat cheese with some rice crackers.

What foodie products have you been wanting to try?

I also really want to try the white chocolate peanut butter from PB & Co, and the nice lady at the new grocery store said she would order it for me!! I love small local businesses!

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Anonymous said...

love this post! so true!! i REALLY want to try pb & co too, but they don't sell it near me! i also want to try 18 rabbit bars :)

Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday said...

Everyone's been eating Glo Bars. I want to try one, but I'm not really a "bar" person. I never buy energy bars or granola bars or anything

~ Diana ~ said...

I'm so happy you get to try the pb!! LET ME know how you like it!! I'm eating it as I type! :)

Simply Life said...

yum! that stew looks sooo good!

Anonymous said...

I want to dry the chocolate pb from PB&Co. It looks so awesome!

Anonymous said...

PB&Co is SO good! You better make sure the restaurant is on your NYC list!

Kat said...

That peanut butter looks amazing!! Why cant we have cool stores like that?! I am really lokoing forward to starting my career so I can get lots of money to buy all the neat-o products I want! HAHA

Anonymous said...

People give Costco a bad rap (I definitely used to be one of them), but it's pretty much God's gift to the world. Their stuff is cheap and good quality, and all of the food they sell in their cafe counter thing is really solid. I love chocolate frozen yogurt so much that I pretty much like any place that sells it, but still :)

Jenny said...

Oh, you're going to LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the PB&co peanut butter. That stuff is like...peanut butter crack. I'm allergic to chocolate, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cinnamon raisin one and also the peanut butter and honey. I'm drooling in a most unattractive fashion just thinking about it!

Anais said...

NO!!! You found PB&Co????? I just TOTALLY assumed it couldn't be found in Canada... Ok, I have to get my search goggles on!! :P

One of the things I really want to try is tempeh and I can't seem to find it anywhere... Chances are I won't even like it but what if I do??

Jessica @ The Process of Healing said...

Loooove this girl!!! And it's SO darn true!

I did the "squeal of delight that earns you strange looks from strangers" when I found Caramel Oikos. And let me tell you, I found a local health food store too the other week and I walked around the store with my mouth hanging open. I had to literally remind myself to close it. That must have been a pretty sight. Is that sad? Ha.
PB & Co. is amazing!! You have to try their Mighty Maple! It will change your life :)
I've been wanting to try Kobocha squash but I can't find it anywhere! And Raspberry Chobani.

Amber said...

Haha well I'm not a food blogger but I'm a major FOODIE so I get excited about a lot of random things and LOVE taking pictures of pretty food.

You know you're a Blogger when you reference your online friends and take photos of pretty much everything you do! Haha

Kacy said...

Yay for finding those products. I love food mail :)

Special K said...

Gotta SAY! I LOVE YUR SOUP! And I have never tried a GLO bar...would love to try them. Living in Germany, I LIVE for food mail! Have you looked at my GIMME YOUR STUFF PAGE?

Fashion victim said...

Check out this blog, recognise anyone?

Gina said...


Andrea @ said...

Mmmm delicious marrakesh stew!!
I've been wanting to try Dark Chocolate Dreams and coconut butter. Oo, and chia seeds.