Saturday, February 20, 2010

Q and A Part 1


ow - I have been getting a lot of great questions! Keep them coming!

Friday Re-Cap:

I went a little crazy with the toppings on my oatmeal yesterday. My bowl contained 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup coffee, 1/2 cup almond breeze, topped with chia seeds, maple flakes, almond butter, coconut and a tsp of chocolate chips.

The parent council at my school bought us lunch yesterday for teacher appreciation week. I had a small piece of lasagna, 1/2 cup of Caesar salad, and 1/2 slice garlic toast.

Last night the hubby and I went out with a bunch of other friends to celebrate our friend Alaina's 28th Birthday. We started the night at a Japanese restaurant called Teppanyaki.

The hubby and I shared a dynamite roll:

Next came the egg drop soup (it is SO good ... tastes like chicken noodle):

The salad had a very orange tasting dressing, that people seemed to love or hate. I liked it!

The fun part was watching the chefs cook at the table.

I love fire!!!!!!!!!

I had the scallops, shrimp and chicken. It came with rice too.


(Left: Me, Right: Alaina - Isn't she just beautiful!!!!)

At the restaurant I had some wine and a beer, and also a green tea. Later on in the evening we went dancing and then went back to Alaina and Jeff's house. I had a few more drinks throughout the night ... a little too many, because I didn't feel too great this morning.

I slept through breakfast, and so the first thing I ate today was lunch.

I juiced 4 carrots, 1 T of fresh ginger, 2 apples, and 1/2 a lime:

It was pretty potent. I chugged it.

I also had a bowl of Amy's veggie and barley soup:

The hubby went and picked up veggie pizza for dinner. Mmmm. I had 4 small pieces, and a small glass of Coke Zero (I rarely drink pop - but I just couldn't resist having a little with my pizza tonight!!)

Green olives on pizza are my absolute FAVOURITE pizza topping.

Q and A

These questions were asked anonymously via FormSpring. I will try to answer them to the best of my ability, and if there is more you want to know, just shoot me another question!

What are your thoughts toward vegetarianism?

Would you ever consider going vegetarian?

I am not a vegetarian, but I do enjoy vegetarian meals often. The meat that we buy is from local farmers whose farming practices we respect. I enjoy all types of food, and am open to all diet choices. The hubby and I really enjoy tofu and other vegetarian proteins, and do not feel like we have to include meat in our meals everyday. In the month of October I tried 10 new vegetarian meals, and found that I didn't miss meat at all. I don't know if I would ever go completely meat/seafood free, but I do like the flexitarian approach to eating.

What is your absolute favourite food? What could you not live without (food wise)?

Pasta. My second and third choices would be cheese and chocolate.

How do you balance work, school, blogging, being a devoted blog follower, and giving your husband attention?

The best way to explain this is to give you a breakdown of my average day:

7:15 - 8:15 - Breakfast, read blogs, get ready for work (I see hubby, we talk, he gets my lunch together for me - thanks sweetie!!).

8:15 - 4:15 - Work (Sometimes I leave at 3:30, sometimes 5:30 - but 4:15 is a good average)

4:15 - 5:15 - Get dinner ready, read blogs while dinner is cooking/ burning :-)

5:15 - 7:15 - Dinner with the hubby, visiting, watching TV etc.

7:15 - 9:15 - Blog, workout (not lately though - oops) etc.

9:15 - 11:15 - More hubby time/ read/ shower/ get ready for bed.

When I am in school (this is my first semester off ever) then dinner would be as quick as possible, followed by school stuff from about 6-10, then blogging, hanging out with the hubby etc. for a little bit before bed.

On the weekends I spend the whole day and evening with the hubby (besides some time for blogging/ reading blogs). A lot of the time I read blogs while I am "watching TV" with the hubby on the couch, or while he is training (bike riding, running etc). The hubby and I grocery shop, run errands, and see our friends together. Luckily we have all the same friends.

When I am in school it consumes A LOT of my time, and everything else (including my sanity) suffers. In the semester before Christmas the hubby cooked most of the dinners, cleaned the house, etc., which gave me more time to work my butt off.

You never mention (too much) about working out daily..on your blog. I was just wondering if you work out? And what you do in your work outs? Is it easy to maintain your current weight with your daily eats?

I hate to admit it, but when it comes to working out I tend to be an "all or nothing" kind of person. In the summers I am off of work, and I workout about 3 or 4 hours a day (treadmill, weights, elliptical, videos).

In the fall I was working out with videos at home, training for the Couch to 5K three days a week, and going to the gym at the university when I had time. It was really hard for me to fit workouts in in the fall because I was going straight from work to the University, coming home at 7:30 to eat dinner, and then doing homework/ thesis writing until bedtime.
There literally was NO time to workout ... but I fit it in where I could.

For the past month and a half I have been without a gym pass for the first time EVER! I have also been enjoying my new found freedom of not being in school a little too much, and have been putting off working out. I plan to buy a gym pass at the end of the month, and until that time I will have to do workout videos. It is too cold to workout outside. As soon as the snow starts melting I will start running!!!! I can't wait!!!

When I work out at the gym I typically do: 1-2 hours on the treadmill @ 4 mph speed, highest incline. I also use weight machines. I have never "ran" on the treadmill, because as I have mentioned before - I suck at running! I plan on changing that!!

Fortunately, whether I work out or not, I always seem to maintain my weight without a problem. I have weighed in the 120s for my entire adult life so far, just fluctuating a bit based on the day, the time of the month, my muscle mass, salt intake, etc..

What's your favorite form of exercise?

My favourite form of exercise is something that is not just exercising for the sake of exercising - I would rather ski, or canoe, or go hiking, or actually do something active that is an experience as well as a workout. But, since I cannot do things like that all the time, my favourite form of exercising is speed walking on a VERY high incline (hopefully soon to be replaced with running). I also love bench pressing. I don't know why :-)

Have you ever had any weight problems?

Fortunately, no, I have never had any weight problems. A lot of people think it may be just due to metabolism (which could be part of it), but here are some additional possibilities as to why I have not had any weight problems:

1) I do not eat very big portions. I mentioned to a lady at work the other day that I had buttermilk pancakes for breakfast on the weekend. She was shocked, and asked how I stay so thin. I replied, "I only had 2 pancakes." I think that makes ALL the difference. I eat what I want, but in moderation. I have never binged in my life - on anything. I get bored of foods way before I could binge on them.

2) I don't have a big sweet tooth. I might crave something sweet, like a piece of chocolate, or a bite of cheesecake ... but I am usually completely satisfied after that bite.

3) I don't snack a lot.

4) I don't eat a lot of processed foods.

5) I eat slowly, and talk a lot when eating with people. This helps me to feel full faster.

6) I eat breakfast.

7) I don't eat something that I don't REALLY enjoy. If a food is just mediocre, I don't bother with it ... I would rather eat something I am going to LOVE. If there are treats on the staff room table, I might have a single taste, but if it doesn't blow me away then I don't have any more. Same goes for desserts (I try the hubbies first, and if I LOVE it then I have a piece).

What is your favorite sweet treat?

A perfect piece of chocolate. Or something REALLY moist, like a lava cake. I also love cinnamon buns, and had one of the best desserts I have ever eaten at my friend's Jeff and Alaina's - Orange Creme Brulee. My favourite sweet treat is anything so delectable that it is 100% worth every bite. I like my homemade chocolate chip cookies too.

Some Giveaway Announcements:

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EatMoveLove is doing a Luna Bar giveaway!
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I will be announcing a giveaway of my own on Monday!!

Because it was just teacher appreciation week, tell me about your favourite teacher, and what you loved about them!!


Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

Great post! I love these ask anythings!!

My favorite teacher was Ms. Flynn... she really honestly truly cared about us. (me especially I was totally teachers pet) she was so sweet and loving!! And someone you knew you could talk to about anything!! Totally my role model when it comes to me working with kids!!

Hope you are great!

Simply Life said...

oh I love learning these things! thanks for sharing!

Ameena said...

Teppanyaki looks great! Reminds me of Benihana which I used to love before they decided to stop cleaning their restaurant!! Not sure what happened to them.

I still remember my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Fisher. She was such a sweet person!

~ Diana ~ said...

i hate all my teachers..jk! My fave one was my elementary 4th grade teacher cause she liked me and believed in me! BTW your regular exercise routine is SOOO crazy! 2 or 4 hours at the gym?!?

Jessica @ The Process of Healing said...

Can't wait for the giveaway!
My favorite teacher was this CRAZY man (and I mean that in a good way) that I had for history and government in high school. I hated gov but he somehow made it entertaining :D

rightfootforwardblog said...

My favorite teacher was my high school calculus teacher. She was very enthusiastic because it was her first year teaching at our school. She was a fantastic math teacher and inspired me to major in math in college.

I am new to your blog, so sorry if this is a dumb question - what do you teach?

KacySue said...

Oh I love hibachi restaurants!

What's the scoop? said...

I just found your blog and am SO glad I did! :) LOVE IT~

I LOVE stevia, and used to be an avid splenda user...(thank god that has changed!)

I would use the stevia packets for baking, I usually use about 5 packets of stevia in my banana muffins i make!

I would use the vanilla liquid stevia in my vanilla "Frosty" protein shake! :)

Thanks! I look forward to reading on!!!!