Sunday, August 9, 2009

Late Night Last Night!

Got home way too late to post last night! Yesterday morning I had 2 cups of coffee to get my morning started ... then my hubby made me 2 sunny side eggs and 2 slices dry toast (no pic).

We went for lunch to a great restaurant called "The Rooftop". I had a chicken burger and sweet potato fries ... this restaurant makes the BEST sweet potato fries!

In the afternoon I prepped breakfast for today, because it had to sit in the fridge overnight. I made what my family calls "Wifesaver Breakfast."

This is what it looked like sitting in my fridge:

This morning I covered it with cornflakes and baked it for 1 1/2 hours. It was great! We also had fresh fruit :-) Oh, and Mimosas! A little alcohol in the morning never hurt ... hehe!
Last night for dinner I had 2 samosas, and then a little while later a pork skewer and sticky rice (at the Folk Festival).

The highlights of the Festival were Bedouin Soundclash and The Wailers. We grooved to the music all night long! We went to the after party where we heard more live music and had a few bevvies. We got home Waaaaayy too late - 3:30!!!

This morning we had friends over for breakfast (the Wifesaver and Fruit, and melted dark chocolate to dip, Mimosas, coffee).

We are heading to the last day of the festival today! (No late night tonight though!!)

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